Teach Your Teen How to Find Their Calling and Make Wise Economic Decisions


Economics Curriculum 

  • Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking introduces high school students to economics as a critical element for pursuing God's will and making wise decisions.

  • This 17-module course is unique in its emphasis on learning the biblical foundations for economics.

  • Written by economist and mom Dr. Anne Bradley, vice president at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE). 

Calling Curriculum

  • Young people today are passionate about making a difference, but few have a biblical framework for understanding God's calling in work, family, church, and community.

  • Understanding God's Calling is a 17-module course that guides high school students through an in-depth biblical exploration of calling, vocation, and personal gifting.

  • Written by IFWE theologian Dr. Art Lindsley, author of C.S. Lewis' Case for Christ, True Truth, and Love, the Ultimate Apologetic. 

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